Ok so I am sure everyone is aware that today is 9/11 and I am not going to get into any sappy or political issues today. Everyone has their own thing and rememberance of 9/11 and I’m not getting into how I feel because I am sure it’s the same as everyone elses.

BUT what a day I had…

I woke up tired because it was storming all night and we lost power a couple of times. The wind and rain were pounding on the windows and I really struggled to relax and sleep. As I was laying in bed my back did not hurt at all and I really do think it was because I did yoga before I went to bed. I found one on Exercise TV ON DEMAND called Less More Yoga that was 21 minutes long and it was awesome. I never thought you could sweat so much and have fun and feel good. I really should have gone to Yoga Zone this summer with Mary and Tina. I had no clue and now I am kicking myself. I will practice this winter in the comfort of my own home and be ready for next summer. 0910092020

I also started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred program and last night was the first night. I have the DVDs, but found this on E. TV last night too.


So this morning I woke up tired and made Sam and myself a Green Monster and it was good. I went back upstairs to enjoy it as I watched TV in bed. I put 1 frozen banana, about 5 ice cubes, 1/4 – 1/2 cup soy milk light, handful or two of spinach, and a sccop of P-Nut Butter. What do you put in yours???0911090742

I got dressed and packed up my lunch. I got to school early because I didn’t know if roads were flooded (they were in Margate) or there was going to be detours. I got to school and walked in the front door with everyone standing around with flash lights. The power was out and the hallways were dark. So I went to the classroom and we have a lot of windows so it wasn’t too bad.  The lights came back on around 10:30 just in time for the lunch at 10:50. I don’t know what we would have down.


Whole wheat pita with hummus, guacamole and turkey

Whole wheat pita with hummus, guacamole and turkey


I was waiting for someone to say something funny or cute to add to my new page, but nothing happened. I cam home and hopped on the computer with Sam. I started to sniff something, but could not figure out what it was so I was sniffing for a long time. Sam just looks at me and says, “why are you sniffing if you know it’s going to be bad?”  I hate when he farts.


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  1. limitedroark
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 17:43:14

    Good luck out there tomorrow!


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