Happy Holidays

Sam and I exchanged our Hanukkah gifts with my family on Christmas. We got together for dinner and opened presents, played games and ate a great big meal…YUMMY! Sam got me a new notebook! I have been wanting one for some time and even though we both have a computer I thought it would be great to take around the house and even to the kitchen to look up recipes. I have mentioned it for a while how great it would be, but never thought in a million years he would get one. He even wrapped it himself and taped it really well. I was about ready to throw it.

THIS IS MY FIRST POST FROM MY NEW NOTEBOOK! It will take me a while to get used to it.

I had a great time with my family and Sam’s family for the Holidays!

Today we are heading to Philly to see the Eagles play the Broncos and welcome back BRIAN DAWKINS!!! Brian Dawkins used to play on the Eagles, but left and went to the Broncos. This is his first game playing the Eagles and being back in Philly. I miss him a lot and he was my all time favorite player. I am so glad I got to see his lockers before he left the Eagles. He had 2 one for Brian Dawkins and one for Wolverine. The Wolverine one had tons of pictures and figurines of Wolverine that fans had sent him. So cool that he had 2 lockers and no one else did.

I was a little disappointed to hear that we were not sitting in the seats that are down close to where Dawkins will be, but I am so lucky and glad I can go to the game and see his return. The news hit me harder than I expected and for some reason I cry just thinking about it. I guess it is for a couple reasons, but one major one is that I am just to DAM emotional. IT SUCKS!

Everyone have a great day! I know I will!


I’m back

It has been over a month or just about a month since I have posted last and I want you to know I am fine. I was not dieing just very very lazy.

I had a Campbell’s V8 Soup giveaway that no one responded to and I got a little down; so I decided to take a little break for a while.

I want to wish all the Jews a belated Hanukkah!! I had a wonderful Hanukkah with the family and my sweetie. We are waiting to unwrap presents till X-mas.  I converted last year to Judaism so my family celebrates Christmas (this is my 2nd year as a Jew). Sam and I are having everyone (both of our families) over to our house for breakfast to celebrate Hanukkah/ Christmas on X-mas morning. I don’t mind at all not celebrating x-mas because to me it was never a religious holiday it was just a time for the family to get together and exchange gifts. I never once went to church on Christmas eve while growing up and decorated only because it was really pretty.

Some of my family don’t understand that I don’t have a Christmas tree or a Hanukkah bush. I’m Jewish now and yes this is a Holiday, but not one of the big ones and I found a couple of ways to decorate without having a tree. If there was a tree in the house I know Bruiser would have definitely found himself using it as his personal port-a-potty. That’s all I would need.

We recently got a lot of snow and any kind of snow for us is a lot. This time we did get over a foot and some drifts in our back yard were like 3 feet. Sam shoveled on Saturday twice as the snow was falling and I made a snowman. Once I finished the snowman and let Bruiser off his leash he went right over to the snowman and peed on him. Guess he did not like him at all. Bruiser loved being in the snow so he was out with us the whole time and got lots of walks in the snow. I shoveled a ton on Sunday once the snow stopped. I shoveled the driveway the walkway and the two cars out. Sam can’t drive his car in snow and he is blocked in by a wire that broke off and is blocking the driveway.

This is early Saturday and barely any snow

This is early Saturday and barely any snowMy snowman without a mouth and eyes

Bruiser peed on Mr. Snowman

Bruiser peed on Mr. Snowman

For the past month and half I have been working on presents for the parents from the kids. We made hand print calendars and it was very time consuming (12 months X 19 students = A LOT OF WORK!) so we finished them today and I wrapped them tonight for the students. Here is what they look like: