My First Giveaway!!!!

So about a week ago Caroline contacted me on behalf of Campbell’s Soup Company and offered me a sample of Campbell’s V8 Garden Vegtable Blend Soup and a sample for one of my readers too. This is one of the great things she had to say:

As you know, soup has long been touted as a great weight management tool; however, many low-calorie soups are not very satisfying. Anyway, I’d like to offer you a sample of Campbell’s V8 Garden Vegetable Blend Soup for you and one for your readers to help COUNT your servings of vegetables and COUNT your steps towards wellness!

This is the AMAZING package!



Journal with really cute pen


Pocket Pedometer


A bag that folds up really small, so cute for going to the market



V8 Vegetable Blend...Yummo!!

Just in time for flu and cold season when soup is just what the Dr. ordered!!!!

So this is what you need to do:

In order to enter the giveaway: (1 entry for each so you have a greater chance of winning)

  1. Leave a comment about your favorite soup and/or link a recipe of your favorite soup.
  2. Post this giveaway to your blog (Make sure it pingbacks or post here with the link that you did)
  3. Add me to your blogroll  (Post another comment when you’ve done so. If I am on your blogroll already, leave a comment telling me so)

The contest will end Saturday November 21st and I will post the winner on Sunday!!!!