Larabar Wannabe

I decided I would try this out and it turned out not just good but AMAZING. Sam even enjoyed it and asked when I was making more.

I started with

6 tablespoons of Oats

3-4 tablespoons of coconut

2 tablespoons of craisins

Put them in the food processor for a little and then emptied into a bowl.

Into the food processor went 4 dates and some of the craisins. It only took a short while to work together into a ball. I took it out and blended the dry by hand, but next time I will try adding the dry ingredients back in to blend better. I wrapped them in saran wrap and put them into the fridge to get a little firm.

Larabar wannabes

Larabar wannabes

Homemade larabar

Homemade larabar



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