I am all finished with school and I still have homework over the weekend. I guess that is what to expect when you are working in a school. I so wish I could find a teaching job, but this is great for now and I really don’t mind what I do at all. I am a teacher’s assistant in a Kindergarten classroom. I really do enjoy most of the kids so far this year. They are really mature and so smart compared to last year they are all angels. Last years class was horrible and little terrors (not all, but most). My homework is to teach a new program (Fundations) that the school got to a small group of students everyday. YAY! I get to teach…I can’t wait I am excited. There is a whole process so I popped in the CD and went over all the videos and pronunciations of the letter and how they want you to say and model stuff for the students. There is also this really cute owl puppet that you use so the students know when to echo you…his name is echo and his head can turn around. There is a big echo and a little echo aren’t they so cute???fun_kit
09260917120926091713I had fun playing around with all the stuff and the letters on the magnetic board. I am a big kid at heart.

A couple of days ago Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point had a giveaway from Waterpik and I really wanted to win and try it out. Of course I did not win, but my wonderful hubby also wanted to try it so he went onto Amazon and purchased one for the both of us to share. It is so cool. The unit is small and does not take up to much space, but is kind of loud on the higher intensity levels. I really don’t mind the noise though. It has different tips to put on it like a toothbrush, massager, and 2 waterpik tips. You can turn it on and have different levels of intensity and there is also a button on the handle so you can pause the water from shooting out and there is a cool spiral cord so it doesn’t get in the way. The hubby and I are not fighting over it, but there is somewhat of a race to see who gets to use it first at night and in the morning. I am totally a BIG fam of WATERPIK.  If you do not have one you definitely should get one because it is really great and you can clean your tongue too. 0926091329a0926091329Also, I have these really gross things called Tonsil stones and have no idea why I get them and either does my dentist and doctor. I don’t get them all the time just once in a while and hopefully this will help in that situation. Maybe this will solve my problem for good. Lets Hope so.

Tonight my mom came home from FL. So glad to see her and she brought me back a T-shirt…YAY. It is really cute, but looked really small for my size. I was worried, but would always help her go back and return it if it meant going to Key West (never been, but after looking at her pictures would love to go) with her. I tried it on and it was not to bad. Nice fit and so excited the kettlebells and yoga seem to be working. Can’t wait to shred this weight. I can totally tell a difference in my body and clothes, but have not been on the scale in a long time since I have read Natalie’s post about “How much do you weigh?” (How the scale is not how you should measure your fitness success).

Since it is now officially fall, this weekend is Fall Funfest so my mom and I walked a couple blocks from my house to check it all out. They had a live band, people selling their arts and crafts, food, and games for the kids. It was pretty neat. We went later at night so it was not cold and people were starting to pack up so we did not have to dodge any crowds. They even had a rock climbing wall and I was really tempted to play a game so I could try to win Bru a new stuffed animal. I remember when I was little and tried to win them for me and now I am trying to win them for my dog. WOW…have I come full circle or what. Does this mean I am old???0926091827

I am rambling on and on and this is getting pretty long, but I am just enjoying writing. Since I am on a roll I mid as well continue with what I made for dinner for my mom and the hubby. I started with making some sweet potato fries, chicken and angel hair pasta. Nothing fancy here just all quick and easy. The sauce was out of a jar, the chicken had a pre-made desert rub (from my moms cousin who is a chef) on it which was REALLY SPICY and my mouth was on fire.0926091939a09260919390926091940

I didn’t realize it was sooooo late and I was just rambling. I am so tired and I am going to bed. I am debating on wheter to go to my first Bikram yoga class tomorrow. Everyone I talk to keeps telling me I have to try it and I really want to, but an hour and half in 105 degrees is a long time. I am a little nervous to try it. I will see what time I wake up tomorrow and just play it by ear.


I am really loving yoga and never thought I would enjoy it this much. Never have I ever…thought I would be counting the days till the next yoga class. I went to kettlebells the other night and it was like my own personal class because it was just me and the instructor which was great because I got some one on one. After the class ended there was a yoga class and so I was talked into staying (which did not take to much convincing on their part) and it was just 2 of us in the class. We got to do a lot of poses and even tried a headstand using the blocks. I am a little afraid of headstands and going all the way upside down because I feel out of control. Maybe next time it will be easier. After the class the teacher said that I was really good and after practicing for a while that she can’t wait to see how good I will become. It really mad me feel good about myself. I can already feel myself getting into the poses easier and deeper and can’t wait to see more progress in myself. The body is capable of so much and I can not wait to see what my body can do.