Ride in Tuckahoe

So today was my longest ride to date. Sam and I headed out to Tuckahoe to meet up with Nick, his dad and the other group riders. I wanted to get there earlier so I could get my bike seat raised. I have been having REALLY BAD knee pain and it lasted a week. We did not get there early enough so I did not fix it before we left. This caused me bad pain during the ride and will last for about a week. During the ride with every stroke of the pedal I could feel popping in my right knee…OUCH! We did the short loop which was still really long. My longest to date so far. I rode with Nick’s dad most of the time and Nick rode with Sam because they could go a lot faster and I was not able to. Hopefully soon I can get my speed up. We rode 27 miles in 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Nick, His dad, and Sam

Nick, His dad, and Sam

The worst part is that my computer stopped working and could only read my cadence. I averaged 77 today. When I got my bike seated raised after it was just my sensors that were not aligned properly. I could have kicked my self that I didn’t check it. It made the ride harder because I couldn’t judge my time, speed, and distance. Hopefully next week will be better. On our ride we saw farms, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and a bull. We were chased by yappy dogs and saw all the beautiful leaves changing. Absolutely amazing and beautiful ride. Didn’t realize that all this beautiful countryside was so close to where we live.

Nest to the bull is a tiny ram, then a donkey, and the black little things are piglets playing in the mud

Next to the bull is a tiny ram, then a donkey, and the black little things are piglets playing in the mudWe passed this beautiflu Equestrian Center. I wanted to buy the house. This had everything and the nicest barn/stables you have ever seen.


We passed this beautiflu Equestrian Center. I wanted to buy the house. THis had everything and the nicest barn/stables you have ever seen.

We passed this beautiflu Equestrian Center. I wanted to buy the house. THis had everything and the nicest barn/stables you have ever seen.

When Sam and I got home we were so hungry I burned 1,443 calories on this ride and Sam burned about 1,800. That is a ton of calories burned in just 2 hours…Woohoo. So we ate some leftover pasta and a piece of chocolate banana cake. Then I stretched and iced on the couch and fell asleep sitting up (I must have been exhausted). After I showered I hopped in bed and slept another 2 hours and woke up at 4:30PM. I am still very tired. Right now my knee is throbbing so I am going to go take some Advil or something.

So tired later everyone


I don’t feel like starting a new post so I am just going to add on for now. I made dinner tonight and I wanted to make something easy since I am exhausted and my knee is killing me. So I made some grilled cheese and I wanted a veggie and some protein so I made edamame. I know they do not go together, but it was good anyway. I wanted to make edamame last night, but Sam said it didn’t go with pasta, meatballs, and sausage. I didn’t go with grilled cheese tonight, but he did not make any comments. We are both really exhausted. 10250918091025091809a

When I cook I always look at myself in the microwave and I like to make funny faces. Today I looked at myself and was surprised because I was like wow I look pretty good. I like when I can look at myself and feel beautiful. Might sound silly, but it is not often I feel pretty and on this new journey that I am on I am trying to stay positive thanks to many bloggers and Operation Beautiful. 1025091810a10250918111025091811a

When Sam and I were finished dinner we gave Bru the leftover P-Nut butter jar and I think I might send it to Jiff1025091831b1025091833c


Hit Atlantic City

At work today I worked all morning on these hand bats. I don’t think I had any interaction at all with anyone for a couple hours. I plopped myself in the corner away from the kids (I was using a hot glue gun and didn’t want them to get burned, even though I did a bazillion times). The other day I traced all the students hands onto black foam and then cut them out along with the head shapes. Now I am trying to glue them all together. It is so time consuming hopefully I can finish them tomorrow. We are going to hang them in the hall and have a sign say “We are Batty about Books” and have pictures of all the Halloween books that we have read.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to go for a ride since it was so nice out. When I got home the cleaning people were here so I quickly tidied up the kitchen while they were still up stairs. I hate how they load my dishwasher. I guess I am kinda anal about it, but everything goes a certain way. Even if people come over and put their dishes in the dishwasher after they leave I fix it. I am so weird!

Once they started working downstairs I grabbed my clothes and went upstairs to change. Again I had to fix the bed because they put the cover on wrong and I guess I am a little anal retentive. So I changed and then went on Sam’s computer until they left. I feel weird around them while they are cleaning up my trash. It’s just weird. Finally they left and a short while after I headed out on my ride.

Sam talked to Nick from Life Cycling a good friend of ours (hasn’t updated his blog in a long time because he is student teaching right now and very busy). He has been riding for over a year and since my cadence was ranging in the mid 60’s and the highest I could get it was about 79 he told Sam that I should use lower gears. I tried fixing my gears today, since I am still new I need to learn how to ride properly. If any of you ride I will take any advice that you have to offer.

I rode all the way to Atlantic City and turned around. I was a little scared to slow down because it is an expensive bike and I don’t want to loose it. I don’t think I will ever ride into or through Atlantic City unless I can got 25+ and not stop. It was a little scary going as far as I did. It makes me feel good when I pass people or catch up to people and then pass them. Haha I am a girl and I can ride faster then you (thats what I am thinking in my head). Today I experienced my first bugs. I have had rocks flying up at me, but today I rode through a gnat storm and had to close my mouth and try not to breath in to deeply in my nose. I notice that I ride with my mouth open and a smile on my face. I guess I am enjoying the riding.

I hate that it will be getting too cold soon. Sam looked online today for a trainer, but they are super expensive like $200+ to much to spend right now. We do own a nice spin bike (Sam is on it now), but I would like a trainer so I can continue on my bike work on my cadence and gears. Get to know more about my bike so to speak.

This has been a really long post. Sorry about that, but I guess I have found something I love and love to talk about.


Average Cadence: 77

Distance: 14.5

Time: 1:01:05

Avg. Speed: 14.2

Max Speed: 19.9

Odometer: 54.83

Also, I was feeling pretty good about myself tonight so I thought I would take some pictures and Bruiser decided to join me.10200918081020091807