Friday the 13th!!!


I have a lot to talk about so I will start from the beginning of the day. I woke up to more wind trying to blow my house down and a flood outside me house. This wasn’t too bad, but still could not get out and was forced to be an hour late to work.


My street looking towards the bay...not bad


My street looking towards the Ocean


My car was safe in the driveway


This morning Sam told me he was going to walk around the block and check things out. I was like are you crazy what are you going to wear? He told me he was going to wear his water shoes and I laughed. I don’t think so. I have had to run through FREEZING cold flood water many times and it is not fun. I mean it is FREEZING even in the summer. My mom and I used to have boots that came to our knees that were my grandpops and we would wear those and walk through the water. It’s a skill!

This does not compare to anything I grew up with though. I lived on a small island in Ocean City and every time we got a storm we were flooded in for days. We couldn’t flush the toilets, take showers, and were surrounded by water. The water would come into our garage and sometimes into our house near the garage. It was a skill that we learned quit well how to┬ámaneuver┬áthe cars and park them on higher ground and to put everything from the garage into the house or up high.

Our neighbors during one storm canoed across our front lawn and I desperately wanted to go, but was not allowed. Now that I look back it was very dangerous because the bay was right across the street and your could be easily swept out. The water would poor through or above the bulkheads. So many times we were flooded in and let me tell you it is not fun. You may think oh cool a day home from school or work, but there is something about it that makes it really boring.


This is infront of my moms house today. You can barley see the three ducks swimming in the water. So proud of my mom who figured out how to use her camera phone and send it as a text.

Breakfast Of Champions



The kids today at school were bouncing of the walls like ping pong balls. I finally made it into work an hour late around 10 AM and something told me within the first 10 minutes I should have stayed home. They were wild and crazy today. Partially because the weather and they have not been outside to play in the past 3 or 4 days.

We made it through the day with a lot of noise, fights, whinning, crying, and a ton of BRIBING.

Also, I got my Kindergarten picture today!1113091822