To run or not to run???

Ok so I have a dilema. Well not really a dilema, but I am going back and forth whether I should do a 5k tomorrow. I wanted to do it, but wanted to do the Tour de Downbeach (bike race/ride) more and nixed the 5k idea. Now the Tour de Downbeach is post poned until Sunday. So there lies my dilema to run or not to run??? I hav not run 3.1 miles and have not run in a while, but this would be a start. You need to start somewhere right? This would be my farthest run to date since about 3-4 years ago. I think I can do it once I am in the race setting and have my music. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I NEED INPUT?


First race

Good Starting point

Kinda wanna give it a try


Haven’t run in about 2 weeks

Haven’t run 3.1 miles in about 3-4 years

Calfs keep getting tight during long walks and half way through 1.9 mile runs

Might take me a LONG time

May not finish

10-11 mile bike ride next day

Diner was kinda boring tonight. Sam made shrimp tempura. Before you get really impressed it was out of the freezer section that you through in the oven for 12 minutes and they are very good. I know he can eat all 8 so I sliced up some eggplant and dipped it in soymilk and then lightly coated it in bread crums and very lightly fried it in a gril pan. It used to be my favorite when my mom made, but she drenched it in oil as she fried it and plus my eggplant was going bad. Still good enough to eat, well I hope it was. 0911091833

Dessert was absolutely AMAZING! Sam and I shared a Newman’s Own Organics Dark Chocolate bar. This was so good. I have recently become a fan of dark chocolate. I always hated the strong bitter taste, but I have been very lucky to try some very good dark chocolate this summer and have enjoyed every bite. I had my first piece plain and then the next two pieces with P-Nut Butter. If you have not tried this you must right away!!!091109184509110918480911091849


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 00:38:05

    i vote…do the run! even if you have to walk part of it! remember- it doesnt matter how long it takes..its about the journey!


    • stefe1202
      Sep 12, 2009 @ 02:41:19

      Thank you for reminding me what this blog is all about. Not if I mess up or fail that I tried and it’s part of my Journey!


  2. Mary
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 03:28:58

    hey Stef! I can’t wait to do yoga together! haha. But yea, I say if you are up for it and feeling like running, go for it!!! Like you said, you have to start somewhere. Racing is such a different experience and it does give you motivation to continue to run everyday. You will really enjoy your first race. Don’t worry about not finishing. Just enjoy yourself like Tina said. If you push hard and don’t give up you will do just fine! Listen to your body & if you need to take a break to walk…then do it! Well, if you do it, I hope to hear all about it! If not, I’m sure you will be scheduling a race in the near future!! miss you! glad to hear school is going well!


    • stefe1202
      Sep 12, 2009 @ 16:35:21

      Yeah me too. I am going to try out some classes this week I think. Tuesday night they have Soft Yoga and Thursday they have All Levels Yoga, can’t wait. Good luck with school looks like you are going to be busy reading. Maybe on your runs you can take a book to read like that lady with the newspaper!


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