Hit Atlantic City

At work today I worked all morning on these hand bats. I don’t think I had any interaction at all with anyone for a couple hours. I plopped myself in the corner away from the kids (I was using a hot glue gun and didn’t want them to get burned, even though I did a bazillion times). The other day I traced all the students hands onto black foam and then cut them out along with the head shapes. Now I am trying to glue them all together. It is so time consuming hopefully I can finish them tomorrow. We are going to hang them in the hall and have a sign say “We are Batty about Books” and have pictures of all the Halloween books that we have read.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to go for a ride since it was so nice out. When I got home the cleaning people were here so I quickly tidied up the kitchen while they were still up stairs. I hate how they load my dishwasher. I guess I am kinda anal about it, but everything goes a certain way. Even if people come over and put their dishes in the dishwasher after they leave I fix it. I am so weird!

Once they started working downstairs I grabbed my clothes and went upstairs to change. Again I had to fix the bed because they put the cover on wrong and I guess I am a little anal retentive. So I changed and then went on Sam’s computer until they left. I feel weird around them while they are cleaning up my trash. It’s just weird. Finally they left and a short while after I headed out on my ride.

Sam talked to Nick from Life Cycling a good friend of ours (hasn’t updated his blog in a long time because he is student teaching right now and very busy). He has been riding for over a year and since my cadence was ranging in the mid 60’s and the highest I could get it was about 79 he told Sam that I should use lower gears. I tried fixing my gears today, since I am still new I need to learn how to ride properly. If any of you ride I will take any advice that you have to offer.

I rode all the way to Atlantic City and turned around. I was a little scared to slow down because it is an expensive bike and I don’t want to loose it. I don’t think I will ever ride into or through Atlantic City unless I can got 25+ and not stop. It was a little scary going as far as I did. It makes me feel good when I pass people or catch up to people and then pass them. Haha I am a girl and I can ride faster then you (thats what I am thinking in my head). Today I experienced my first bugs. I have had rocks flying up at me, but today I rode through a gnat storm and had to close my mouth and try not to breath in to deeply in my nose. I notice that I ride with my mouth open and a smile on my face. I guess I am enjoying the riding.

I hate that it will be getting too cold soon. Sam looked online today for a trainer, but they are super expensive like $200+ to much to spend right now. We do own a nice spin bike (Sam is on it now), but I would like a trainer so I can continue on my bike work on my cadence and gears. Get to know more about my bike so to speak.

This has been a really long post. Sorry about that, but I guess I have found something I love and love to talk about.


Average Cadence: 77

Distance: 14.5

Time: 1:01:05

Avg. Speed: 14.2

Max Speed: 19.9

Odometer: 54.83

Also, I was feeling pretty good about myself tonight so I thought I would take some pictures and Bruiser decided to join me.10200918081020091807