MaraNatha No Stir Almond Butter

This was the first brand of Almond Butter that I have ever tried and I immediately fell in love. So I contacted the company and said I would love to review the product on my blog. They were kind enough to send me coupons on my next purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and appreciate your patronage.

As one of our valued customers, your comments are very important to us and we appreciate your interest in our products. We are very happy to hear you enjoy our MaraNatha No Stir Almond Butter and thank you very much for your email.

In appreciation of the time you took to contact us, we would like to mail you some coupons. If you would like to receive them, please reply to this email with your name and mailing address and we will some some out for you. Thank you for your continued support of the Hain-Celestial Group.

If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-434-4246, Monday through Friday from 7AM – 5PM Mountain Time. For information about our company and brands you can also visit us online at


Consumer Relations Representative

Gabe was very kind and I received the coupons with in no time at all. This is really good Almond Butter and very smooth and creamy. I highly recommend this product. The only thing I do not like is that before you use it you need to let it sit out before trying to spread it. Keeping it in the fridge as recommended makes it thick and hard. Otherwise, it is so good!


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