Some Good Food


Happy Spring!!! I had a very busy weekend and missed out on some beautiful weather. Sam and I went to a Bar Mitzvah for a family friend. It is a whole weekend thing. We had services and a dinner Friday night. Saturday morning we had another service and lunch. Saturday night we had the big huge party and Sunday morning was a brunch.

The party Saturday night was a blast! Sam and I danced the whole night (we danced more Saturday then we did at our wedding). It was great because the party was at Linwood Country Club (the same place we had our wedding). Also, I found a new drink that was amazing…Vanilla Vodka with Ginger Ale = Tastes like cream soda + I had some shots with the family.

During my free times on Saturday and Sunday I did get outside as much as I could and Sam and I took Bruiser for a lot of walks. Also, Sam and I worked in the backyard cleaning up the big and small grill so we can start using it.

Halfway clean grill

Inside the bottom of the grill...YUCK!


I made an awesome easy meal the other night that I would love to share with all of you. I made Whole Wheat Pasta with Newman’s Own Alfredo Sauce.

This was the BEST Alfredo Sauce I have ever had and it was the healthiest one on the shelf at the store so I will definitely be buying and using this again. I give this FIVE STARS!!!

I cooked whole wheat Orecchiette pasta (they are really neat and look like helmets)

I added the sauce right from the jar and mixed it with the cooked and drained pasta. I let it simmer and heat up for a couple minutes and SERVED!

This would be great with chicken and broccoli too.


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