Blood Work and Code Blue

Today started off a little different and I should have known it would be your normal kind of day. I woke up earlier then usual fixed my breakfast (that I couldn’t have, yet) and headed to get blood work. I had an appointment so I wasn’t to concerned when I saw a huge crowd in the waiting room. I signed in and sat down and waited and waited. They never looked and the sheet and so when a guy went back before me and I heard he had an appointment for half hour after mine I got up to raise some hell. Luckily I did not have to get mad because they felt terrible and took me back right away.

I couldn’t get out of the place fast enough to drink my breakfast (protein shake) and I sat in the parking lot and got it out of my insulated bag and drank as I drove to work.

Everything was going normally until they announced a code blue (YES IT WAS REAL). It was a little scary at first and I didn’t know what to expect, but we just told the kids it was a drill. Supposedly 2 guys were at the Kmart a couple blocks away stealing wallets, had drugs and a weapon and ran on to the playground (while the Pre-K was outside playing). The local Police got there right away and had a K-9 unit out there right away and they finally caught the 2 guys within the hour.

I was ready for the long hall and got out a puzzle to work on with some students, but as soon as I did they announced it was over.

After work I went to the Chiropractor and talked with Terri to try and get her to start a blog of her own. Also, she gave me pointers for my blog. Then I headed home to change and hit the gym. So of course I ran (my New Passion) I ran 3.1 miles in my lowest time so far in 34 minutes.

Sorry this post is very boring tonight. I am tired and need to get to bed.

Also, there is a 5k race on Saturday, but we are supposed to get slammed with rain and winds. What do you think I should do run or not????


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