Melting Pot

Last weekend I went to the Melting Pot in King of Prussia, PA for my cousins 30th Birthday. It was a hard place to go to while trying to eat healthy. I think I made smart decisions about what I ordered.

First CourseAppetizer Cheeses of your choice served with breads, vegetables and apples. I researched the nutrition facts before I went and found out for some of the cheeses it is 1000+ calories for 1 cup. I opted not to order any appetizers and so glad I did. They mix and melt the cheese on little burners at your table. Our water first poured in about 1 – 1.5 cups of oil then added spices and cheese. I just looked so unhealthy and I was not tempted at all. They give you so many veggies, apples and breads to dip so I took a small cup of veggies and snacked on those until my salad came.

Salad I ordered the house salad with the house dressing (vinagerete) which was really good and a little small it could have been a little bigger.

Main Course For the main course you cook your own food. Sam and I shared dinner so we ordered the steak and shrimp. They gave us 6 shrimp and then 6  (1 inch) cubes of steak. It did not look like a lot for us to share, but it turned out that it was just perfect for us and it is so easy to over eat at these types of places. I asked the waiter what the healthiest cooking option was and went with the vegetable bouillon. The other options were oils and wines. The dinner came with broccoli, mushrooms, and potatoes. I cooked these up in the pot along with the shrimp and steak. Just be careful of all the dipping sauces that they give you. It is added calories that were not necessary. Our steak, shrimp and veggies had loads of flavor and we did not need the sauces.

Dessert – We could not leave without having dessert and I splurged a little here, but did not feel the slightest bit guilty. Sam chose the dark chocolate with marshmallow and crushed Oreo’s.  Along with the chocolate fondue they give you small bite size pieces of rice krispie treats, brownies, marshmallows, pound cake, strawberries, and bananas. YUMMY!

*What concerns me the most about this restaurant is that on their website they do not share any nutritional information.  It should be mandatory that all restaurants reveal all nutritional information. Diet Facts has a great assortment of restaurants 514 to be exact.

**I found this article, “Health Care Bill Mandates That Restaurants Display Nutrition Information on Menus” from CNS NEWS very interesting.  They state that restaurant chains are required to display nutrition information. However, it is only mandatory if the chain has 20 or more stores.

Birthday Girl 15 weeks Prego!

The Girls!!! From Left: Laura, Me, Kim (B-day Girl) and Jen. *Kim and Jen are my cousins.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mari
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 23:23:31

    I went to a fondue place about a year ago for my sister bday and I loved it, except for the fact that we had to cook our own meat! I smelled sooooo bad lol…I had to wash my hair 5 times in a row lol


    • Stef Simon
      Mar 03, 2010 @ 20:46:40

      It was weird to pay so much and have to cook your own food. I did not have to experience the 5 hair washings thank goodness.


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