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I had a great workout this afternoon. I went to the gym and did not expect to run for that long especially in the first mile because my calves were so tight.

I ended up running 7 miles. This is the farthest I have ever run in my life.

Mile 1: moderate pace @ 4.7

Mile 2: moderate pace @ 4.9

Mile 3: Speed Work changed every 30 seconds

30 sec 5.5

30 sec 5.7

30 sec 5.9

60 sec 6.0

30 sec 5.8

30 sec 5.6

30 sec 5.4

30 sec 5.2

30 sec 5.0

Then I went back up by 2’s and went up to 6.2 and then back down by 2’s. Did this for a mile.

Mile 4: Moderate pace @ 5.0

Mile 5: Same speed work as above

Mile 6: Moderate pace @ 5.5

Mile 7: Recovery mile

3 miles in 36:00

5 miles in 58:30

6 th mile in 11:56

7 th mile in 13:43

All seven miles were in 1:23:00

Since I started off running in the gym on the treadmill this is what I have been used to. I have heard people call it the DREAD-mill and I do not understand why. I can not wait for it to get nicer out so I can see what I like better. I think it is great because I can place my towel, water bottle, and shuffle into the holders. Also, the treadmills at my gym have your own personal TV’s and it is really nice to get lost in a show or movie.

I like the treadmill because I can see my speed, miles and time right in front of me. I can up my incline if I want and it really pushes me harder then I think I would on my own outside.

My biggest problem is that I have shorter hair and it just about fits into a ponytail. During my sprints I had sweat dripping all over and down into my eyes. Do any of you wear headbands or bandannas? Please let me know what works best for you.

What do you think about the treadmill??? Do you consider it a Dread-mill???

Also, what do you wear on your head??


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