Snow Snow and More Snow

I will try this one more time. I just wrote this post, but I lost it.

This has been a brutal winter with snow storm after snow storm on the East coast. Every weekend we get covered with snow. I can’t ever remember getting this much snow in one winter ever in my life. Today we are getting rain, sleet and supposed to get more snow later this afternoon. So due to the bad weather all the local schools are closed so that means no work for me…YAY!

The school I work at covered in snow

It seems that my weekends are spent snowing and since I am trying to burn calories as much as I can Sam and I fight over who gets to shovel. Sam shoveled once and so it has become my job to shovel. I really enjoy doing it to. I know I must be crazy.

My street covered in snow

The driveway after shoveling already covered in minutes

Our House in the Snow


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