Back to Work

Warning: Very Boring Post

I had a really nice break. Well it was kinda boring, but in a relaxing kind of way. I had a week off from school (work) after the Holiday which was so nice. There was a lot going on during the Holidays with all the families and all so it was nice to just unwind.

I watched a lot of old episodes of “My So Called Life” from I used to love that show a lot and still enjoyed watching it, but it sure did put me into a depressed state of mind. My whole break was spent curled up on the couch everyday.

New Years was pretty uneventful. Sam and I stayed up till midnight and then he fell asleep and I fell asleep watching the Dick Clark on the couch.  Then I woke up and left the house early to go out with my family to Ihop. I have never been to one. My aunt and uncle love it, but the wait was horrible. We got there at like 12:30 and didn’t get our food until 2:30 or so. I was starving. I did not think it was anything that special and will not be rushing back anytime soon.

Today was the first day of work in 2010. Now that I am not doing projects with the kids in went by so slow.

Happy New Year

My resolutions for the new year:

  • Do something kind for someone else everyday
  • Start working out again
  • Kiss and hug Sam more often
  • Walk Bruiser at least once a day
  • Keep up with house hold chores (make a schedule)

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