Weekend Recap

Giveaway Update:

I told you I would post the winner on Sunday (Today), however no one I guess was in  the mood for some great V8 Soup from Campbell’s. No one entered my first giveaway so maybe I will wait till after the Holidays. 😦

Yesterday I woke up with a headache so I wore this really cool helmet thing that David and Terri (chiropractor) got for Sam since he gets a lot of migraines.It looks crazy, but it feels so amazing and I am not ashamed. I can’t get a picture of Sam wearing it…YET!!

RiteTemp which promotes faster healing and reduces pain without the negative side effects such as frostbite and messy condensation like from gels and ice. RiteTemp has ground breaking proprietary Heat Transfer Formula technology readily in use by military forces. RiteTemp utilizes safe, non-toxic materials in a variety of anatomic shapes and sizes for specific therapeutic, medical, health, and rehabilitative applications.

RiteTemp products may be applied directly to the affected area indefinitely without fear of frostbite, quite different than the health risks of 15 to 20 minutes stated with most ice/gel products.

Using RiteTemp

All you have to do is lay the product as flat as possible in the refrigerator (or freezer) for 30 minutes. Once charged the the chemical will turn from clear liquid to solid white.

You can store the product (in our case the helmet) in the refrigerator for several months or years without harming the UniPak containing the Heat Transfer Formula. The UniPak is comprised of a medical-grade polymer which will not absorb bacteria, microbes, grime, water.


Retirement Party

Saturday night Sam and I headed to West Chester for my Uncle’s Retirement Party. He retired about a week after my wedding (last February) but they just had the party yesterday.  I had a great time with family and my uncle’s friends. My cousins threw the surprise party for him and it went off really well. Of course I forgot my camera so maybe I will get some pictures from my family soon. After the party we went over to Rick and Laura’s (friends of my cousins) and hung out for a while. We didn’t get home till late since we had to drive about 2 hours home. Had a great night!!!



I took my mom out today to see New Moon and it was AMAZING!!! As I read the book I cried the whole time non stop. As soon as Edward took Bella into the woods I started crying. I am soooo emotional. I would definately go see it again. The acting was 100X better in this movie than in Twilight. Also, I have to say I was always Team Edward, but this movie made me convert to Team Jacob. Jacob was super hot in this movie and I now feel like a pet-o-file because he is like 17…WOW…I feel so OLD right now.


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