Tailgating, Game and Loosing My Voice

Hey Everyone!

I am exhausted so I am going to try and make this short. As you know I have been sick and instead of getting better I get more symptoms. I am loosing my voice so I am going to stay home and rest. I feel like I didn’t help much at all today at work and instead of getting people sick I am going to stay home and rest. Sam has not gotten sick so I don’t think I am contagious or maybe he is keeping his distance.


The game last night was so much fun, but unfortunately the Eagles lost 😦



Sam is a grill master! We had cheddar wurst, hot dogs, and bubba burgers


David and Sam


Captain Morgan party patrol


Captain Morgan! This guy is funny and won't break character. This Dallas fan was the only person to make all three shots into the football toss.



We had 4 drunk guys behind us = EVICTED!!!

We had a great time, but since David and Keli were Cowboy fans people gave them a hard time once they found out. There were 4 drunk assholes behind us and I yelled at them once because I saw him put his feet up and pretend to kick David and Keli. I was so pissed so I gave him a piece of my mind. I am proud of myself for saying something to these guys. David told security to watch them and finally in the third quarter Sam saw him almost poor his beer on David and yelled at him too. Thank god the cops and security saw him do it to and they all got kicked out. It was bad they were yelling in his ear and almost everyone was happy to see them go. We had some excitement to say the least.

We didn’t get home till about 2 AM and I was exhausted. With only about 5 hours of sleep I managed to wake up and go to work with barely any voice. I am taking off tomorrow to rest and gain some strength.


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