Still Sick…YIKES!

Well I have not been up to checking my blogs and updating in a while. I have been EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED lately. I have a head cold with a stuffy and runny nose. I have been off the past 2 days due to teachers convention. Gotta Love It! I haven’t been on the computer to much lately and I have been resting and and watching lots of movies. Yesterday Sam came home for lunch and it was great to see him in the middle of the day so the waitress (ME) and cook (ME) made him 2 grilled cheese with potato chips and a glass of OJ. However, Bru lucked out since the hubby is watching his figure he gave the baked chips to the boy.


Sam and Bru resting with me and watching movies

I did get out last night and go see the movie Amelia with my mom, aunt and uncle. The movie was my moms pick and it was just ok. Not worth going to the theater and seeing and even if I saw it on Netflix would not waste my time with. I was not a fan of the movie at all, but it was something to see and got me out of the house and with great company.

If you don’t know the movie was about Amelia Earhart who flew the planes and tried to fly around the world and disappeared. It had a surprise ending though. She went missing…ok not too much of a surprise. Haha…tried to fool you.

Today I watched JUNO again (I watched it yesterday too and last Sunday) this is my favorite movie and when I like something a lot I watch it over and over again. I was interrupted when a man called from my aunts phone (No it wasn’t my uncle) and said he found the phone so I rushed out of the house to go meet him and get it back. What a nice person. There are not too many people left in the world that would have done that. So I hung out in OC for a while and then headed back home to do some more laundry.


Bru loves helping with the laundry!



Laundry has been pilling up for a long time and I think I have done about 4 loads already today and there is still about 4 more loads to do tomorrow. Between 2 people we generate a lot of dirty clothes and it has been pilling up for a long time. Way too long. So I re-did the whole bed today and even washed the mattress pad and can’t wait to jump into a fresh, clean bed tonight.

I watched a good movie today after JUNO it is called Frequency. It is really amazing about a boy and a father who talk through a radio and he saves his dad from dieing and then from his mom and other women from dieing from a twisted murdering cop. It is s great movie and if you have not seen it you must. Go to Netflix, or Blockbuster, or whatever movie rental place and watch it! Now!

Also, I made cookies today and believe it or not I only ate 2 so far. These are my favorite cookies and we made them all the time this summer. They are from the Funfetti cake mix, but on the side they have a recipe for cookies. So YUMMY! It is the mix, 2 eggs, 1/3 oil mixed together and rolled into balls and cooked for about 8 minutes at 375 degrees. Gotta try them! Now!


Reminded me of Charna because she made these a lot this summer!




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