Happy Halloween


Hey everyone! I just woke up from about an hour nap I wanted to sleep before the Halloween party tonight, but just couldn’t. I might just have to leave a little early to crash.


Sam and I went out to Tuckahoe for the group ride and I went out with the 15-17mph pace group. I held up pretty good and was behind the group, but 2 nice guys stuck with me most of the way and I drafted off them a lot. We took more breaks on this ride and I can’t wait to get better and not be behind.


Miles: 27

Time: 1:50:05

Avg. Cadence: 85

Avg: Speed 14.4

Max Speed: 21.6

With only 8 miles to go Sam got a migraine and had to stop. He told me to go ahead and get the car and come back for him. My heart broke when I left him at the side of the road. So when I met up with the 2 guys I was riding with they called Lou (another rider) to come pick him up. I waited with Sam till Lou came and headed the rest of the way back to the shop. Sam was doing so well and I am glad he was in my group because he was going to go with the 18-20 mph group. He was doing great the whole time in the front of the pact leading the group with the other guy. SO PROUD!!! Every once in a while on a straight away I could see him and I loved watching him do so well. So sad that he couldn’t finish today, but there are still more days to ride.

Friends of ours are having a Halloween party so I thought I would dress up as a black cat. So Simple. They are having a toga party, but there is no way I am wearing a toga. I got my cat ears today from the Halloween store that was packed with last minute shoppers. Tomorrow everything is 50% OFF, Dam that sucks. I got the ears, bell chocker collar and tail from the kids section because it was cuter. I am going to wear all black and keep it simple. I was going to be a dog since I have the ears and tail, but they just lost their dog a couple of weeks ago so opted that the cat would be better.

I will post pictures this evening or in the morning!!!



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