Treats and Pumkin

Okay so my day was ok. The weather has to get better because it is making me so sleepy. It has been raining the past to days and the kids at school are getting ramie because they haven’t gown out to play at all. The older kids get to have recess in the gym and it is not fair. Our kids should be able to go and run around too.

Today I was working on pumpkins for the bulletin board. Mrs. Wagner had orange plates and she printed off pictures that I took from the pumpkin patch. I cut them out and glued them onto the plates and glitter glued their names on each one. They are turning out really cute. I will post pictures tomorrow if I remember to take some.

After work I headed to see Dr. Dave and Terri to get adjusted. As always it was nice to see them and Palmer and it felt really good. My back has been a little off because Bru has been sleeping close to me at night and I am usually sandwiched in between Sam and Bru or he is at my feet and I am sleeping diagonal. Before I left Terri gave me some EVO dog treats to give to Bru and HE LOVED THEM! He smelled them in my pocket and was going nuts. I have to go get some more soon. 10280917141028091714a1028091715


After the adjustment I went over to Part Poopers to get more things for my Halloween costume. The teachers are all dressing up as hippies. Should be fun!

Lucky me because right next store to Party Poopers is Bonterra’s Market so I stopped in to see if they had any of the Stoneyfield’s Pumpkin Pie Limited Edition Flavor that I have read so much about…YAY!!! They had it. So I picked up some other things including pumpkin granola.1028091933a1028091933

On the way home I tried a new flavor of Kombucha tea. I tried Mystic Mango and I really like this one the best so far. Also, I snacked on some blue corn chips that were very good, but a high in calories. 10280916571028091657a

For dinner I made chicken tenders with Special K instead of bread crumbs and some Mac & Cheese. 1028091852I made two different kinds of Mac & Cheese to taste test. On the right is Kraft Mac & Cheese and on the left is Annie’s Classic Mac & Cheese.

Verdict: I grew up with Kraft and I like it and it is much cheesier on the other hand Annie’s is organic and MUCH healthier. I think I will go with Annie’s from now on.

For dessert Sam and I had some pumpkin cake, ice cream and some Pomegranates.10280919041028091904a

I cleaned up the kitchen and made some tea that I had gotten at the market. I got Sam a tea that he had in Aruba on our honeymoon that he really liked. So I surprised him tonight and made it for him and he remembered where it was from…YAY I DID GOOD!

Sams tea from Honeymoon

Sams tea from Honeymoon

My tea

My tea

1028091931I really liked this Celestial Green Tea. It had no string and staple it is just a bag that you drop into the water and it says on the box that they save more than 3.5 million  pounds of waste from entering landfills every year. That is amazing and worth buying. YUMMY too!








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