Dropping Like Flies

It is so scary that everyone seems to be dropping like flies. Yesterday we had 3 kids out and 2 went home sick with a fever. Today we had 4 out and another one go home sick. A ton of the teachers were out today because they were sick or their children are sick. It is scary to think that this Swine Flu is going around and that people are dieing from it too.

Back Track to Yesterday

I made dinner last night for Sam and my mom. I told Sam I was making his favorite and he said its not tacos, and I said ok what is your other favorite he said lasagna. Dam ok what is your third favorite and finally MEATLOAF! I always hated meatloaf growing up, but I have to tell you this was OUT OF THIS WORLD! 1026091820

Moms enjoying the meatloaf

Moms enjoying the meatloaf


I am loving it

I am loving it

Sam enjoying it, but avoiding his crazy wife with the camera

Sam enjoying it, but avoiding his crazy wife with the camera

I was busy in the kitchen all afternoon making meatloaf and pumpkin pie cake.

PUMPKIN PIE CAKE1026091844a1026091844

Today I went and took Bru to the dog park today and since it was raining I knew it would be a little wet. I was going to drive by and see if anyone was there, but he got so excited I had to let him out and run. So we were there for 2 seconds and another man came with his 1 year old lab/golden retriever pup named Penny. Bru got a new girlfriend and they took off through all the puddles and had a great time running for a half hour and then it was time to go home and have a bath. Bru has such a thick coat of hair it takes a long time for him to dry so out came his Arch Nemesis the hair drier. He is still not all the way dry, but is feeling so good and clean.


Clean boy







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