Best Ride and need you HELP!

I had such a great ride today! I am not going to bore you with what I did at work and what I ate for lunch I am going to start today’s blog with what I did after school. I got home today and changed into some biking gear right away. I did not want to waste anytime. It has been raining here for the last like 4 days and I needed to get out and ride. I took off on my bike who I named Gloria and I wanted to ride for as long as I could. I headed down to the point and back and I kept riding into Ventnor and passed Yama (Japanese restaurant that we love) and made it down to Montgomery Ave. I thought that would be a good street to remember since I grew up with the Montgomery boys.

I turned around and headed back to the point and stopped briefly to take some pictures of this gorgeous day. As I was looking out where the bay meets the ocean and looking across to the town I grew up in I thought to myself how lucky am I to live where I do. You can not beat this and I take it for granted everyday. I am the luckiest girl to live where I do, have a loving hubby, loving family, awesome in-laws and silly’s, great friends, great home, and the best and cutest baby (my dog) in the whole world.1019091618a1019091618c10190916191019091619a10190916181019091618b

Not only was it beautiful out, but it was my longest and best ride to date. On my last 2 rides I rode 10 miles and it took me 47 minutes and 49 minutes on the other. Today I did the first 10 miles in 40 minutes. I guess I got slower as my ride went on because I did 20.23 miles  in 1:27:48 and my cadence average was 62 (lower then the other 2 rides). My average speed was 13.9 (the whole ride it was like 14.2 and I tried to get it higher, but on the ride back home I went slower and I guess it brought it down) and my max speed which I am so proud of was 19.4 (my highest speed to date and held for about half a minute).

I need your help…

So a while back I purchased my first spaghetti squash (I think). I never bought one or made one before, but the sign said spaghetti squash. When I bought it the lady was like what is this and I said spaghetti squash. She was like I have never seen one like this before. That should have been my first clue that it might not be. So tonight I cut it open and was surprised when it smelled like pumpkin and it looked like pumpkin seeds. Did I buy a small pumpkin??? So I baked it anyway at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. It smelled good, but still not sure. So I took a fork to it and shredded it like spaghetti squash and it came off in strands. I was thinking that it could happen to anything if it was baked like that so maybe it is a pumpkin. I cooked a couple of the seeds and they were yummy like pumpkin seeds. OH BOY! So here are a few pictures. HELP!!! WHAT DO I HAVE HERE????

Cut in half

Cut in half

Scooped insides

Scooped insides

Making spaghetti out of something????

Making spaghetti out of something????

My spaghetti squash????

My spaghetti squash????

This weeks Project Feed Me recommended food item is 2 cans of tuna fish. If you are not a member of Project Feed Me sign up and do your part to help others. Feed-Me-Button-nats-blog-150x150If you missed last week it is 2 cans of chilli

I just posted this on the operation beautiful website as a submission for Caitlin’s book.

operation beautiful2This is what I wrote:

I have always been overweight and uncomfortable with how I look. I am a shy person and only talk to someone if they talk to me first. I am learning that this is no way to live and I should not be afraid of what others think of me or of what I say. I am starting to realize that I have a lot to offer and that I am smart, beautiful, funny and caring to those around me. Thank you for operation beautiful and for opening my eyes so that I could see the true me and start loving me for who and what I am!


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