Back in the Swing

I have not worked out in about a week. Well I have ridden my new bike a total of 20 miles, but I have not gone to kettlebells or yoga. I was definately going through withdraw. So tonight I drove my lazy butt over to the NJ Yoga Zone and took Kori’s kettlebells class. It was a 45 minutes class that kicked my butt and I am definately feeling the burn. Let me tell you I HATE lunges with a passion and I did a total of 13 lunges with a curtsy squat per side. You might think oh big deal 13 is nothing, but I was holding 26lbs and I HATE lunges.

We did some of these:

Turkish Get Up

A great test of core strength and coordination is the Turkish Get Up. It develops great shoulder and core strength.



Lean and Press


We did a lot more, but I am getting tired and you get the idea that my butt has been kicked.

After kettlebells I stopped and got subs for dinner and we ate dinner on the couch and I iced my knees. They are always sore from working out, but since I iced them they feel great so far. This might be a new ritual to ice my knees.

Sam is trying to avoid the camera, but I wanted to get a pictures of him enjoying his favorite meatball sub.

Sam with no head

Sam with no head

Stop moving! Hold still!

Stop moving! Hold still!

This will have to do

This will have to do

Bruiser is laying so nicely just hoping he gets something that may fall.


Since I am always running late in the mornings I packed my lunch for tomorrow ahead of time. I always wake up early enough, but get pre-occupied with other things in the morning that this week I have been running a tad late. 1015091920


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