Ride with Sam

So today was very uneventful except that I went on a ride with Sam today after work. We did 10 miles and I stayed kind of close to him. Sometimes he stayed back and I would draft off of him, but the farthest I got was about 2-3 blocks. My legs were killing me from the wind and the ride yesterday. Still had a great time on the ride though. However, my knees are killing me and I have an issue with my feet when I ride. My toes get tingly and like numb when I get about 2 miles into my ride and it makes it really uncomfortable. It happened yesterday, but figured I have to get used to it. Maybe it is my shoes????

Todays ride was a little better then yesterday.

  • Cadence 65
  • Distance: 10.07
  • Time: 47:21
  • Av. Speed: 12.8
  • Max Speed: 16.9
  • Odometer: 20. 20

If anyone knows what might be wrong with my feet or toes please let me know? Also, what should I do about my knees? They do make a cracking sound, but have always done this just hurting or achy.

Became a member of Daily Mile pretty great site so check out my log


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