Kettlebells and Sad News

Before I forget I am going to post this in the beginning Natalie at NoNo2YoYo has started a great project called Project Feed Me. I signed up so everyone sign up and make a difference. It is for a great cause and it is time to give back.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Gandhi


I got so many great compliments on my hair today at work. It is so nice and makes you feel good with such positive reactions from others. It is amazing how such kind words can make you feel.1006091522

After work I stopped a over at the Chiropractors to see Dr. Dave and Terri and as always it was a great visit. It is so weird because last week Dr. Dave mentioned that my back hasn’t been bothering me and then over the weekend it started. It is really odd once a month it bothers me only when I sleep. It gets really bad and to the point that I can not get comfortable and rather be up then laying down. That means it must be bad because I love my sleep.  Dr. Dave made it feel good and hopefully I can sleep better tonight.

I wore UGGs (black boots) today at work and a sweater and what a mistake because it was sooo HOT and I was sweating my booty off. So Dr. Dave gave me some advice with UGG boots, “You can only wear UGGs without socks if you are right out of the shower and your feet are dry and it is cold out side. Otherwise, you get stinky feet (he used another word, but I don’t remember)”

It is so funny because he likes being on the blog, but he doesn’t read it. Terri does so HI TERRI!!! 🙂


So today was a great day because when I got home from work I headed to kettlebells at 5:30 with Michelle. I love this class because she kicks my butt in a very good way. She is so hard and amazing. Both the kettlebells instructors are awesome. kettlebells

On another note I am sitting here barely able to keep it together and sobbing. I was informed earlier today that friends of ours have lost their baby today. When I say baby I mean there dog. It was a freak accident and she slipped out of her collar and ran towards traffic and was hit by a truck. When she was rushed to the vet hospital they were informed that she broke many bones and would not have a good quality of life. I am just devastated because she was such a beautiful, smart, friendly, playful little girl and was loved by so many. My thoughts and prayers are with you and she will be greatly missed by everyone. quinquin2


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