Love the Dentist

Today I woke up for work, but it I felt very nauseas, light headed and dizzy. It took me a while to get ready and start feeling better. I don’t know what was up, but I did not enjoy the feeling.

For lunch I threw 2 hot dogs in my bag, a Coke Zero, and the last of the Newman’s Own Organic Pretzels that I love. 0922091159

After school I went to Shop Rite and picked up a few things that we needed like yogurt, kiwi, grapes, asparagus, broccoli, watermelon, sweet potatoes, edamame, TLC pumpkin bars, and sweet potato fries. I dropped off the goods and then headed to my dentist appointment. It was really quick and we talked about hair styles and little kids the whole time. I was looking through magazines to try to find a cute hairstyle for when I cut my hair.

I love the dentist because they are soooo NICE and they explain exactly what they are doing and what to expect. I am going back in February for a cleaning and can’t wait!

I then stopped at my moms to check on Goku (Cockatiel) since my mom is in Key West for a week. He was talking up a storm and it was really cute. Goku was my bird, but when I moved in with Sam he stayed with my mom. I think she really enjoys his company and I don’t know if Bru would get along with Goku. 0922091722a0922091722b

I have a cute video of Goku talking to me, but just found out it is $6o to have a video upgrade and post videos to your blog. Goku on YouTube

As soon as I got home I started to make some left over turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. For desert I had some rice pudding and then sliced up some kiwi for Sam and I to share. Hard to eat because I am still pretty numb on one side of my face.

Turkey Burger with Feta and Spinach

Turkey Burger with Feta and Spinach


Sorry it was a boring post, but some days are like that. Good Night!


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