Vinyasa Yoga

So tonight I went to my first Vinyasa yoga class at got my a$$ kicked. It was really hard, but the teacher was great and really helped me out with modifications and try to get my into the pose correctly. There were 4 of us and let me tell you this one girl was absolutely amazing. We had the heat on so it got really hot and I was dripping sweat. yoga zoneThe class started at 5:30PM and ran a little later then 6:30. It was great to see a familiar face walk through the door after such a hard yoga session. Terri is great because she is so friendly and always has a smile. I needed to see that because I was dieing. Trust me I will be going back for more punishment soon. THANKS TERRI!!!!

Lunch today was so yummy. When Sam and I went to BJ’s we got the PB filled pretzels that really made my lunch awesome.0921091152

For dinner I made tacos. We didn’t have any lettuce so I improvised and used spinach instead which Sam and I both loved. Also, I used blue corn shells that we also loved. They were crispy and flaky while also be strong and sturdy. 09210919090921091912

Overall it was a great night!

Great yoga experience

Great stretching, workout and relaxation

Great Dinner

Now I am going to watch the season premier of House! YAY


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