Happy New Year!

What a long day I am ready for bed already. My alarm went of at 6:50 and my eyes were wide open and I hopped out of bed. I got ready and headed for another a$$ whopping of kettlebells.

  • I was tired, but happy to start the day off right
I was tired, but happy to start the day right
  • I grabbed my mat, water bottle and snack for after. TLC pumpkin pie…YUM
I got my water, mat and snack for later. Pumpkin Pie bar...YUM
  • Yes, it was 60 degrees this morning, but what a beautiful day it was today. Not a cloud in the sky absolutely gorgeous!
Yes it was 60 degrees, but what a gorgeous day

When I got home I walked the boy because I knew he would be home alone a lot today. Then I got ready for synagogue. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! After services Sam and I came home to change before heading over to his grandmothers house for lunch.  So lucky us we got to change and be comfortable.



After lunch Sam and I went out to find his dad the new Zune, but no luck. On our travels we went to BJ’s and everyone always seems to get a lot of good stuff and these types of stores, but we were very disappointed. I was hoping to find some Chobani, good granola, or fiber one muffins or vita muffins, but no such luck. We did pick up some essentials.



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