Ovenight Oats Friday

Yesterday I was telling the people I work with about overnight oats. It seems a lot of people are eating healthier this year. Thank goodness because on Fridays it is treat day and you sign up to bring in treats. I think I gained 15lbs last year from eating so much chocolate, cakes, cookies and all junk on Fridays. NOT THIS YEAR!!!

So I made some overnight oats last night and Sam wanted me to make about 10 batches. Well I made 5, three double for him and two single batches for me. I came down stairs this morning and he was eating cereal. WHAT! That is why I didn’t make 10 batches. He wasn’t even eating them. So I had my batch for breakfast with raisins and bananas. For lunch I had my other one with raisins, bananas, and strawberries. YUMMY. Before lunch I guess I was hungry because I grabbed some of the uneaten stuff out of the kids lunch. Don’t think I am crazy, when the kids don’t want something they put it in a tray so it doesn’t go to waist and others can eat it. So I grabbed a pack of apples and a small thing of yogurt.


I did have a picture of the yogurt and apples, but for some reason I can not open it. Oh well no biggie. I took a spoonful of the yogurt and was so grossed out about the flavor and how sweet it was I couldn’t eat it. I felt like spitting it out, but knew that would not be appropriate. YUCK.yoplait

I am so soar from the kettlebells class from yesterday and walking up the stairs in school today just about killed me, but I only had to do that once that goodness. So I also mentioned yesterday that I will start a tally of pregnant people I meet. Well, last night it went up to 4. The 2 yoga zone instructors and Jamie at work (who finally told the principal so we can talk openly about it).  Well, I was so happy to see the season premier of the Office, but could not believe it when they mentioned Pam was pregnant. Yes, I know I don’t know her and she is not really pregnant, but I mean COME ON.

Off to dinner at the in-laws tonight for Holiday Dinner (Rosh Hashanah) Happy New Year!!!! That means tomorrow morning will be a long day. Services in the morning and then lunch with the family.


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  1. Christina
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 01:44:18

    stef you gotta learn to spell correctly on this thing. every post i find another spelling mistake. i hope you are not teaching your children these bad habits! haha and that is ALOT of overnight oats! hahah love it!!! i know it is very frustrating but do not worry- you will be pregnant soon enough! you are very lucky-you are still young and still have PLENTY of times to have children! just do whatever you can possibly due to increase those chances and that is all you can ask for. when the time is right- your ego will become prego 😉


    • stefe1202
      Sep 19, 2009 @ 02:10:36

      I checked and on this post everything is spelled correctly. Thanks though. Yeah I know I am not worried about when I will get pregnant it just seems like everyone around me is. I thought it would be neat to keep track.


      • Christina
        Sep 19, 2009 @ 03:53:40

        its sore not soar! haha and yeah that is funny…everytime you turn around someone else is pregnant! that kettle bell lady is very nice— you should go to michelle too- she is nuts though. but at least she is not pregnant haha

      • stefe1202
        Sep 19, 2009 @ 21:40:53

        I went to Michelle today and she is awesome

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