Where have I been?

I miss one day and it feels like I missed an eternity on updating my blog and reading everyone else’s that I like to follow. Sometimes I feel like a stalker because these people have no idea that I am reading all about them. WEIRD. I found a new blogster today that I really enjoyed reading so check out Natalie at No No 2 Yo Yo. Ok so yesterday at lunch I enjoyed the whole package of edamame at lunch. This was great for lunch you just cook it in the bag and then I save the bag to throw all my empty shells in, so the people around me don’t have to look at them. 0916091202

So last night after school I was on my way home when I remembered I had to go to the chiropractor. I love going there because Terri and Dave are sooooo nice and they have the cutest dog. Also, I ordered Tupperware a while ago so when I went last night it came in and it was great because I had kinda forgotten about it. So cool. As soon as I got home it went in the dishwasher and can’t wait to start using it soon.

I came home to rest because I had a headache so I took medicine and cuddled with Bru which is always the best cure for anything.  I stopped in SP to go to Micchelli’s to grab some small pizzas and took it to my moms. She left for FL today and will be gone for a little over a week. I am so happy that she is going away. If anyone needs a vacation it is her. She worked 2 jobs this summer (well since like March) and only had one full day off a week. She is such a hard worker so she really needs this time to relax. I told her to take lots of pictures so I could show everyone.


Whole wheat with spinach and broccoli

Whole wheat with spinach and broccoli. Still not as good as Mary and Christina's



Yes these were small pizzas, even though they don’t look like it. When we finished my mom didn’t have to twist my arm to hard to go get ice cream.

Reese PB sundae

Reese PB sundae


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