Kettlebells kicked my ass

WOW! All I have to say is OMG I went to kettlebells tonight and they totally killed me. I am feeling it all over mostly my legs, but all over and it actually feels great. I love when you work out and you get soar. I feel like I actually did something. I might not be walking tomorrow though. Hopefully I can sit my butt down and cut or finger paint or something with the kids tomorrow. So I took the 45 minute class of kettlebells with Kori she is amazing.

In my post from earlier I was ranting about how everyone around me is pregnant or everyone I meet. Terri reminded me that I am not the only one left on this planet not pregnant. Anyway I walk into the kettlebells class tonight and guess what? You guessed right the instructor was PREGNANT. It was a different instructor from the other night. How many pregnant people will I meet this month alone. I am starting a tally, 3 so far. One at work and two from Yoga Zone.

After class I stopped at Casel’s (which I hate going to) to get bananas that I was craving and can’t wait to eat tomorrow morning. I saw three people I knew and had to get out of their fast. It stinks when you see people you know right after you were working out and are all hot and sweaty.

Sam wanted a meatball sub so I stopped and got one for him and a corn beef special for ME. It was sooooo YUMMY!0917091852Sam told me he opened up some of the Newman’s Own Organic pretzels and got pissed (not pissed just annoyed) because I just opened a bag he didn’t see. I don’t want these to go to waste. Trust me I don’t think they are because they are so good. These by far are both our favorite pretzels of all time. They are the pretzels with 5 grams of protein. YES Protein you read it right. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

We give this 5 STARS *****

We give this 5 STARS *****


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