Never to old to have Dinasour Nuggets

Hey so tonight I cam home and Ellen (Sam’s mom) called me to tell me she was walking by a store in town today and she stopped in and bought me some outfits. How nice of her, she loves to shop! So I went over to check them out and brought them back home to try on. We have to go to synagogue for the holidays next weekend (not this weekend, but next) and there is an outfit that I can wear.

So as soon as I got home I turned on the oven and put in some Tyson Dinasour nuggets (you can always tell when it is chicken nugget day at school) and they were so good. We also had 2 ears of corn each. YUMMMM

0909092234It was like I won giveaways today! First it was clothes from Ellen and then in the mail was Women’s Health. I have always gotten their emails and love their website, but I never signed up for the magazine. Sam and I have no clue why it came today. Yes, it was addressed to me. I checked.


After dinner I read some blogs and then went to watch Sam play on the Wii. I kind of took over and played some of the new games he just got. Pretty cool! I never noticed an hour pass by so fast. Now I am beat and ready for bed. Good Night!

P.S. Congrats Tina for winning to Ponds giveaway from Ashley and Congrats Mary for entering in the Boston Marathon today!!


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