A great start to the day

I woke up let the boy out and started to make a GREEN MONSTER I was so sad at the end when I started slurpling with my staw and nothing was going into my mouth. I really do love these drinks a lot. I made one for the hubby too. I was going to surprise him with it, but he called sown asking for one too and ruined the surprise. 0909090749

Ok so the morning at school flew by so fast because I was busy drawing out buses with a sharpie marker (I might have gotten a little high from the fumes) and made about 20. The kids personalities are coming out now and they are sooo cute. At lunch I remember my phone to take pictures and someone caught me and they were like “you are taking pictures of your food” I didn’t explain and just said a tiny little yeah. I was a little embarassed. oh well. So i cut an avocado this morning and wrapped it up and took a turkey pita and put it together at lunch. MMM…MMM…GOOD. I also had a small sliced tomato with peter luger sauce and some feta cheese. 09090911530909091153a0909091153b

When I came home from the Chiro and school I had a snack. Sam wanted dinner right away, but it was only 3PM and he needed to wait. Plus I wanted to try out this new yogurt for my snack. The lady I work with told me about it yesterday because last year I ate this yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit) all the time before I found Chobani. They are both good so I will have to get both now. 0909091525


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  1. Christina
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 19:59:34

    haha i was tempted to take a picture of my lunch in the middle of class today but it looked not so pretty so i didnt. next time say yeah biatch im taking pictures of my food cause i have a blog and it rocks and i get free stuff. do you get free stuff? yeah thats waht i thought. and then bite into the sandwhich hahahah


    • stefe1202
      Sep 09, 2009 @ 20:02:36

      Haha…yeah next time. I hope to do it all year. They will soon start doing it too or just smile and laugh at me. Your right I get free food and they don’t. Jokes on them.


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