Dinner, Dessert & a Walk

It was so nice to get out of the house tonight. So tonight we went out to dinner at Yama and as always was so delishous. We had some Age Tofu and I had Beef Negimaki dinner with salad and brown rice. I get to have some more for lunch tomorrow because I could not eat it all. I also had to pieces of Tobiko sushi and had some sweet potato rolls.

After dinner we went to Custards Last Stand and it was so awesome. I got a small non fat sugar free vanilla yogurt with cookie dough on top. I guess the fat free no sugar make up for the cookie dough (not really, but it makes me feel better). I got a small and their small is about the size of a large at most places around here. I ATE THE WHOLE THING and it was GOOD!!! 🙂

Once we got home we were so stuffed that we took the boy for a walk and we did our 1.16 mile loop. I felt a little bit better after this walk. Sam walked behind me because he was busy deleting emails on his phone and he was walking slow. It was cute because Bru took his MOOMOO with him and carried him for about a block and a half which was so cute, but then he dropped him so Sam put it in his hoodie and carried it for him. I knew he would drop it sooner or later, but it was just too cute. MOOMOO is one of his favorites to carry around the house.

Bru laying with MOOMOO

Bru laying with MOOMOO

I am off to bed now I have to wake up early for my first day back to work tomorrow. I am a teachers assistant for a kindergarten class. Here’s to a GREAT YEAR!!!


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