Back to School

Back to school today. For those of you who don’t know I had to start Kindergarten all over again. Well there is some truth to that I am in Kindergarten, but unfortunatley not as a student. So I woke up early to get ready and made myself some cream of wheat. I couldn’t eat it all because of course I had to rush out the door. I am always running late no matter how early I get up. I guess laying in bed for a 1/2 hour watching the Office doesn’t count as being up though. 09080908220908090822a


Once I got into the classroom I got busy right away painting the kids hands to make our first craft of the year. The morning flew by so fast and before I knew it it was lunch. First day is always a little chaotic. I forgot my phone that I take my pictures with in the classroom so I gobbled up my lunch with no picture to show for it. I had the left over Beef Negamaki from Yama last night (8 pieces with about a cup of brown rice) and a pomegranate Chobani yogurt and a diet ice tea. I think I am going to start drinking hot tea at lunch. Then since it wasn’t raining anymore I had no excuse not to go shopping. So I went to ACME really quickly to pick up some necessities. Like milk, pita, turkey, bananas, spinach, eggs, peaches, and tomatoes. Also, I got some Dannon Light and Fit yogurt that Deanna (i work with) told me about the banana flavor and that I had to try it. When I got home I put the grocerries away and saw that the cleaning ladies were here today and was so delighted. Then I checked my email and saw that Sally from Newman’s Own Organics wrote me back to tell me that Bruiser made their website. My boy is FAMOUS and I am so proud. I’m a proud mommy.


Sam and I had dinner at his parents to night and it was so good. I started with a salad, then a piece of steak and corn. For desert Ellen made Sam and I a sundae with 1/2 a sliced banana and coffee ice cream. It was so good and as soon as we finished we left because Sam’s head started hurting and as soon as we got home he went to bed to lay down. He also missed our nightly walk that has become our routine after dinner. Tonight it was really dark on our walk and kinda scary. Bru and I walked alone 2.18 mile loop in 40 minutes. Not to bad I guess. Well now I am pooped so GOOD NIGHT!


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