Walk with the hubby and Bru

Last night I went to a wedding in North Jersey (Rutgers Campus) with Sam’s family. Sam didn’t go because he had a migraine due to the weather. We took a limo up which was nice and we watched the movie Hitch. I love that movie especially when he dances (the pizza, the q-tip…) Love it! The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was short. The only down fall was that the hotel had a NO shot policy, until we found out the other bartender was giving out shots. Lets just say I had 2 shots and a lot of Vodka Gimlets. I was feeling pretty shitty on the ride home and everyone was nervous that I was going to hurl. Luckily I slept on the way home and I felt a tiny bit better. Once I got home I washed my face and took some Excedrin and hopped in bed. Woke up around 10:30- 11 and felt pretty dam good.


What a perfect couple!

What a perfect couple!

Since I got dropped off first last night Sam, Bru and I went on a 2.3 mile walk to his parents house to pick up my car keys and car. It felt great to do something today rather then just sit inside.


Also, I broke open the Naturally More peanut butter that Tim from Naturally More sent me and I must say it is the best p-nut butter I have ever tasted in my life. Sam loved the bits of peanuts and the natural oils and that it contains omegas and flax. This is precious stuff so I let Bru try a tiny bit. He is a HUGE p-nut butter fan. All 3 of us enjoyed it very much! Thanks Tim. 0830091438

The best way to eat p-nut butter!

The best way to eat p-nut butter!


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