Falling Behind

Where do I begin??? I was out last night so I am now checking all the blogs that I follow and I have to catch up. Still not done reading every ones yet…Bluh. So yesterday I left work early I rode the bike again so I rode between 9-10 miles. Also, I made a larabar wannabee and it was amazing!!! 0827091144

Homemade larabar

Homemade larabar

I left work early (around 2:30) went home to take a shower and then packed up the car to go to the EAGLES game. We tailgated before the game started so I ate a hot dog and a burger and there are no pictures because I was so hungry. The game was great and in the last like 7 minutes they pulled off a win. During half time I scored some dippin dots ice cream and got a nice shot of it.0827092048

I liked the slogan on this guys shirt so I snapped a picture. "No Goal is too High"

I liked the slogan on this guys shirt so I snapped a picture. "No Goal is too High"

We didn’t get back till about midnight so I went straight to bed. I woke up today late and made a green monster (I made Sam try it) and had some of my larabar concoction. Sam tried both and really enjoyed them and I was a bit shocked. Expecially when he wanted me to make more of the bars tonight. 0828090835

I didn’t eat the whole thing. Trust me those drinks are filling. I’m officially a green monster addict now; I only wish I had tried them sooner. I went to work today which was crazy because it was pouring rain and I got SOAKED. I walked in dripping and had to go to the bathroom to towel dry. So I waited around for 40 minutes and then decided I was not going to work today. It was Mary and my last day and Mary didn’t come in because she is going to see her grandmom who isn’t doing to well. You can check out her cool story here. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.  I came home and changed out of my wet clothes and decided today was so yucky it was going to be my rest day for the week. So I went to Sam’s work and we went to Ventura’s Offshore Cafe for lunch. This is what Sam and I both had:

A whole wheat tortilla stuffed with peppers, onions, cajun chicken & ripe Mexican mangos with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses served with a side of salsa & sour cream.

It was so AMAZING!!! No pictures of this, but next time I get it I will definitely take pictures. After lunch I decided to go shopping for new work out clothes. So I headed over to my favorite place TJ MAX. It was pretty busy since it was miserable outside.

3 pants, shirt, sports bra, and 4 socks

3 pants, shirt, sports bra, and 4 socks. I stool this from Tina she laid out her clothes like this after she went shopping.

This is my hot pink winter gear. Good for cold Eagles games

This is my hot pink winter gear. Good for cold Eagles games and if I attempt to run outside in the winter.

Also picked up another knife and spatula.

Also picked up another knife and spatula.

Nicks mom gave me a blue knife that I love and use all the time so I found this pretty green one to add to my collection. The spatula is for my eggs since it can go up to high temps. For dinner I made pasta and asparagus and then after dinner Sam and I relaxed as the rain came down outside. We watched the first Ghost Busters (which I have never seen) and the first Karate Kid (also have never seen). So now I am going to go catch up on all the blogs and all the good stuff I have missed. Later




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