Race the Storm

I woke up and hit snooze and then checked the weather to see if we had to work today. It was sunny and beautiful out, but I called anyway because it is supposed to rain all day. So I got dresses to go out and run. This is the first day I did not wake up sore. So I was going to go on my own, but once Bru saw me put on my shoes he started jumping all over the place and he wanted to go so bad. The sky was so dark so on our way back I thought we would get caught in the rain, but we made it back and the rain held off for another hour. So I did a new route that I thought would be farther and it was not that much farther it was 1.82 miles. I ran pretty slow today and finished in 17.56 minutes. There is a hurricane off the coast right now so when I got back home I told Sam we should go check out the waves. He has a big zoom camera and takes really nice shots. I will have to upload some when he puts them on his computer. It was pretty cool and there were a lot of people down there. run2

After my run

After my run

Bru after the run

Bru after his run

It’s turning out to be a beautiful day and I don’t have to work. Thank you rain! For breakfast I made omelets for Sam I made peppers and cheese omelet and for me I made pepper and onions. It was so good and didn’t stand a chance. It was gone in like 2 seconds. I was still hungry so I had a scoop of almond butter.


almond butter

This is the best almond butter in the world. Gotta try it

This is the best almond butter in the world. Gotta try it


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