Nick we will miss you!

Ok so the summer is coming to an end and everyone is dropping like flies. First Emily left, then Christina and now Nick. How will we ever play rummy with out these amazing people? So I am so sore from the 50 push ups and the 500 crunches yesterday, but my run this morning felt great even though I am feeling all tight in my legs I am loving it. I had watermelon for breakfast along with 2 rice pop things which are only 16 calories each.


CocoPOP with almond butter

CocoPOP with almond butter08210909560821090956b0821090949a

Then for lunch I ate Cream of Wheat with peaches and cinnamon. Really yummy. 082109134308210913530821091350

Dinner was not planned so we just had veggies. Asparagus, sweet potatoes and edamame… MM MM GOOD!


For dessert to CocoPop with almond butter

For dessert to CocoPop with almond butter

Also, I’d like to share with you an awesome giveaway.  Holly over at The Healthy Everythingtarian is having a LaraBar giveaway of the 3 new flavors.  So definitely head over there to check it out!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 22:42:57

    wohoo participating in a giveaway! i saw those things at shoprite- my only problem is that they have zero fiber. i feel like it wouldnt satisfy me at all…did it satisfy you? haha


    • stefe1202
      Aug 22, 2009 @ 00:36:00

      i never tried them, but saw that you mentioned it on your blog and thought i would try to win it. my limerick was:
      I’m sad to say I have yet to try
      Because I can not find them anywhere to buy
      It would be so sweet to win this treat
      PB & J I would love to meet
      If I don’t win I just might cry.


  2. Christina
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 13:58:48

    haha i like i like!


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