Jeff Dunham

Hey everyone, my day was pretty uneventful except for hanging out with two great parking officers and seeing Jeff Dunham. I woke up late today and laid in bed for a while. Then I decided to get up and have breakfast around 11Am. I had overnight oats with sliced strawberries and I was so full after that, but I had already sliced 2 peaches and a Chinese pear. Sam told me I should eat my fruit so I felt guilty wasting such good fruit so I sat there for about an hour and nibbled on it until it was all gone. Once I finished I walked Bruiser around with Charna and Emily. They did one loop chalking cars and writing tickets. It was so hot I was sweating we walked about 2 miles. So when I got home the girls ate lunch and then we played some rummy.

Peaches and Chinese Pear

Peaches and Chinese Pear

Overnight Oats with sliced Strawberries

Overnight Oats with sliced Strawberries

Sam and I left for AC to see Jeff Dunham we saw a 4 o’clock show. It was so good. He ended with Bubba J and it was so scary because the audience was saying all the punch lines with him and it even freaked Jeff out. I don’t think he will ever forget AC. Also, Achmed was broken so he took a while fixing him. He actually had to glue his pelvis back together on stage.

Jeff Dunham Spark

Jeff Dunham and P-Nut

Jeff Dunham and P-Nut

Sam and I left Trump Taj Mahal and got stuck in so much traffic. It was bumper to bumper on Atlantic and Pacific. We tried both. We were both so hungry so as soon as we got home I made dinner. I was so hungry I made a lot of food. I started out with Edamame and then cutting sweet potatoes for my special sweet potato fries. Then I made brown rice and sauteed some zucchini. So we had a lot of food, but it was a healthy dinner at least.

Looks really gross, but it was all really good.

This was all really mm good!

Good night everyone!!


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  1. limitedroark
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 01:32:13

    The food looks amazing, and I hate you for seeing the funny man with the puppets, and I’ll see you tomorrow if you’re around!


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