Emily we will miss you!

Hope everyone had a great day I am posting and then going to bed because I am so tired. I woke up and took a shower before work and was running late for work. I was really happy because my pants were really loose even though last week they were digging into my tummy. YEAH!!! So I quickly scarfed down some overnight oats and forgot to take a picture so I took one with like 2 bites left.

Overnight Oats

I rode around on the bike today and went about 8-9 miles. We had a PVO party today which I could not eat anything because they ordered subs and stuff so I sat and watched people eat. Right before going in for lunch I wrote 3 tickets and got yelled at and was told I was incompetent. My response was thank you so much and have a nice day. He was so pissed. Our PVO party lasted 2 hours thanks to Mark Cambrone or Sgt. Cambrone. After the party I got everyone to go on the play ground and swing and go down the slides except for Nick. Today was my last day working with Emily, she is leaving for Richmond, VA for her first year of college. GOOD LUCK!!!! I know you will do awesome!!!! Here are some pictures of us on the playground.

Charna riding Clifford hard

Charna riding Clifford hard

This is Nick, Charna and Me with Emily riding Clifford

This is Nick, Charna and Me with Emily riding Clifford

You can see how much work I have ahead of me. I am standing all the way on the right. So you can see why I need to change my eating habits desperately.  Since I did not eat at the party I went home and had yogurt, granola and strawberries. We also played some rummy and then went back to work.

Lunch (Yogurt, granola and strawberries

Lunch (Yogurt, granola and strawberries

I came home from work all sweaty since it was hot today and Sam actually wanted to go out of the house tonight. So we went to his Aunts house and he tried to fix their computer. He is really good with computers and he can build his own. So proud of him!!! Anyway after that we went to his parents for a family dinner. It was so good and I was not even tempted by the homemade mac & cheese that his mom made. So proud of myself. I had to helpings of salad, tomatoes and onions, and 2 ears of corn. When did corn grow ears???? Haha…I made a funny. For dessert I had a plate of fruit. I had to take a picture of my food so I hid and snapped a quick pic. I know if someone saw I would get shit and never hear the end of it, especially from Jill and Charna. What are Silly’s for???Right???? I also got a compliment as I was leaving; Charna told me the ghetto booty is looking smaller. Just to let you all know I have a big ghetto fab booty. I make ghetto bitches jealous.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Aug 15, 2009 @ 03:21:11

    haha i love how you hid to take your picture. dont worry pretty soon you will have no fear in picture taking in front of people. i say you should just embrace it. be like “yeah I am weird. i know it. i love it. and im going to take pictures of my food and blog about it. have a nice day” and thanks for your sweet comment on my post 🙂


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