My First Blog

Hey! This is my first ever blog and I would have never thought to make one except for two friends who I work with got me obsessed with reading their blogs. I started out just stalking their blogs and would get pissed if they haven’t updated in a couple of days. So then I started stalking their blog roll and looking at other peoples pictures and reading all about people I do not know. WEIRD!!

Anywhoo, this is my second day of a diet I just started yesterday and I thought I would document my progress here for me and anyone else who might care. So the diet I started was referred to me by my cousins friend (and her husband) who is about 16 days into it. It is the fat smash diet from Dr. Ian Smith, you may know him from Celebrity Fit Club. Anyway the basic principle of it is to make you start living a healthy lifestyle. The first 9 days they call detox. You can only it fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, beans, and a couple other things. Also, no avocado and white potatoes.  Then after the first 9 days you start adding in meats and fish. There are three or four stages total and you are supposed to just eat healthy and smaller portions. After 2 days I feel great and I am not starving or craving anything.  Trust me this is not a starve yourself diet and I am eating a ton of food. I hate using the word diet because for me I am really looking for a healthy lifestyle change and yes I would love it if I lost weight along the way.

I took some pictures today of what I ate (except lunch) so I hope to learn how to upload them. I am still very new andtrying to figure some things out.

Almost gone

This was my breakfast that I ate around 10:30. I am always late for work even though I only live about 2 minutes away. So I came back with Nick (i work with Nick and he is always willing to help eat watermelon) and we ate almost the whole 14 cup container of watermelon. What a great breakfast!

I sliced up 2 sweet potatoes and baked them to make sweet potato fries. mmmm…good!!

I also had some brown rice for dinner, but I downed those fries.

Ready for the oven

Sweet Potato Fries

FOR DESERT!!!  Banana Whip

For the hubby

For the hubby

For ME

For ME


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  1. Christina
    Aug 12, 2009 @ 01:10:56

    hey stef! this looks great 🙂 and nice banana whip! did you ever go to bashful banana or the ice cream place (both of those places sell it). i hope you are feeing poor samuel more than this haha or else he is going to be an angry boy. can you still have overnight oats? if you have any questions (not on this smash diet but on blogging or “mindful living”(hehe) just let me know i would be happy to help you in your journey!!!! ( im using the title of our blogs- nice touch eh?)


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